B’s New Job

After five years at the National Arts Centre, B has moved on to a new job. She is now the Director of Annual Giving at Ashbury College. Ashbury is an independent (aka private) school in Rockcliffe for students in grades 4 to 12. It’s a beautiful campus, surrounded by large estate homes, and it’s just a five minute drive from home.

I know it wasn’t an easy decision for her to leave the NAC. It’s a great place to work – interesting people, free concert tickets, and the Orchestra Manager is really cute. In any case, this is a great opportunity, with more responsibility and new challenges (and free meals in the cafeteria).

I’m a little envious that B’s skills are so transferable. There’s no shortage of employers in Ottawa looking for fundraisers – museums, hospitals, universities, charitable organizations. Me on the other hand, I’ve got nothing, unless you count the Greater Nepean Youth Wind Ensemble as a potential employer. Ideally, she’ll hit the jackpot as an Executive Director one day and I can live the rest of my days as a kept man.

One thought on “B’s New Job

  1. If you need a butler please let me know. I can cook your meals, manage your household and tutor your children. Music theory, history, philosophy, literature, calculus. Sunday afternoons off to visit the National Art Gallery and a pool boy.

    Okay, the art gallery is negotiable.

    Being a kept man is not to be underestimated. It’s time to rally around B’s new career.

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