Bye Bye Boogeyman

World Wrestling Entertainment announced yesterday that they had released The Boogeyman. Try as I may, I can’t read that sentence with a straight face.

For the uninitiated, The Boogeyman was a throw-back to 1980’s wrestling, a time when gimmicks like The Missing Link and The Barbarian were commonplace. He was a scary looking guy with no teeth who would eat worms by the handful. Yes, the wrestling business is weird and disturbing.

Not surprisingly, The Boogeyman was a horrible wrestler. I mean, does anyone really think The Boogeyman would go to a wrestling school and spend years learning the finer points of technical wrestling and ring psychology? He’s way too busy hiding in closets and scaring little kids.

I hope The Boogeyman recognizes that getting fired is an opportunity for change and growth. Other wrestlers who have been fired have changed careers and become toll collectors, custodians, and the Governor of Minnesota. Good luck, Mr. Boogeyman.

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