A Tale of Two Farms

Two weeks ago we visited the Old Log Farm in search of maple sugar. It’s kind of a hard place to describe – I guess you could say it’s an old…log…farm. There are a bunch of 1850’s farm buildings, a few animals, and a sugar bush. The windchill was pretty brutal, so we tried to … More A Tale of Two Farms


After much talk and hand-wringing in early January that this year’s Winterlude would feature beach volleyball and sand castle demonstrations on account of the spring-like conditions, Mother Nature intervened and ensured the annual winter festival would go ahead as planned. In fact, I think this may be the best weather I’ve ever seen for Winterlude. … More Winterlude

Brushes with Greatness

I was star-struck as I was in close proximity to a couple of big politicos this week.First, I was enjoying a delightful lunch in Le Cafe on Wednesday with Maurizio when he pointed out the Right Honourable Jean Chretien was sitting at the table beside us. Yes, the little guy from Shawinigan was sitting just … More Brushes with Greatness