A Tale of Two Farms

Two weeks ago we visited the Old Log Farm in search of maple sugar. It’s kind of a hard place to describe – I guess you could say it’s an old…log…farm. There are a bunch of 1850’s farm buildings, a few animals, and a sugar bush.

The windchill was pretty brutal, so we tried to distract the boys with roasted marshmallows and maple syrup on a stick. There are few things better than maple syrup drizzled on fresh snow and then wound around a stick (there are also few things that are more difficult to wipe off a child’s jacket). All in all, it was one of those quintessential Canadian experiences.

Yesterday we headed out to the Experimental Farm (aka Canadian Agricultural Museum). Again, it’s a hard place to describe – I guess you could say it’s an experimental…farm. Actually, the name Experimental Farm is a little odd. For me, it conjures up images of two-headed calves and rampant cross-breeding (chicken + turkey = turcken?)

Regardless of the mad scientist stuff happening behind the scenes, the farm in Spring is a great family outing. The boys loved seeing the little lambs, piglets, and calves and driving the tractor simulator. I think every major urban centre should have a big farm in the middle of it.

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