Music Monday – Rose Cousins

I spent a fair amount of time this weekend in my office trying to decide whether “astonishing” or “riveting” was a better adjective to use in a report.  With only the sound of the air conditioning to keep me company, I decided to catch up on some long-neglected Canada Live podcasts.  First in my queue … More Music Monday – Rose Cousins

The Violin

Deep in the recesses of my brain are bits and pieces of the thousands of hours of television and movies I watched as a kid. Brief clips of David & Goliath, that staple of Sunday morning cartoons, merge with the opening credits of Battle of the Planets and the theme song to Casper the Friendly … More The Violin

A Little Mbira Music

A couple of weeks ago, The Guardian published an article on thumb pianos – mbira, kalimba, etc.  It’s a good introduction, and you can find the full article here. Most percussionists at one point or another study some form of African percussion – for me, it meant dabbling a bit in Ugandan amadinda music in … More A Little Mbira Music