Yamaha Custom Drums, Part 4

A fellow Yamaha Custom Drums owner gave me the heads up about a pretty unique set of drums.  These were for sale on the Chicago Music Exchange site a few months ago, and were listed as an early 2000s Absolute Maple Custom drum kit with wood hoops.

Of course, the badge says they’re Yamaha Custom Drums with maple shells.  The kit has an elegant burgundy lacquer finish that really shows off the beautiful wood grain – just check out the close-up of the floor tom below.  Each badge is engraved with “Tim Anderson”, the original owner’s name (Tim – if by chance you found this site while Googling yourself, would love to hear the story behind these drums).

As should be obvious, what makes these even more unusual than the rare Yamaha Custom Shop drums are the stunning matching Vintage Hoops.  I’ve seen these on the Anton Fig signature snare and a few others, but never on a complete set.  I think they look amazing, and a quick search shows that adding a set to my own drums would cost more than I paid for them in the first place.  And in case you’re wondering, this 12/14/16/24 kit sold for $2,195 USD, which seems like a pretty good deal to me.



3 thoughts on “Yamaha Custom Drums, Part 4

  1. I’m the one who purchased these from CME. I was originally looking for an absolute custom when I can across these, and once I saw them I couldn’t pass them up. It was love at first sight. I came across your site trying to research what it was I purchased knowing they were not absolutes. I knew they were Maple Customs, but that’s about it… tried googling “Tim Anderson” and came up with nothing. The kit is absolutely stunning and the kick is a beast. the inside of the shells are finished in the same burgundy color. I know they are something special… wish I had some more info on their origin. Would also like to thank Tim for having such good taste, ha!

    Any info would be appropriated.

    1. Hi Chris.

      As a fan of steve jordan, I just missed out on this stunner when it was for sale.

      If you ever do want to sell it, let me know.


  2. I too came across a kit of Yamaha Custom Drums, “Maple Shell” – 12 x 9(or 10), 14 x 12, 16 x 14, 22 x 16 in a tri-color fade. They were on eBay and located near Las Vegas.

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