Hallowe’en 2011

Hallowe’en used to be a kinder, gentler time.  The boys and their friends dressed up like kittens, princes and cowboys.  We’d go door-to-door for a little while and then head home before it was dark.  It was all about being cute, not scary.

The Dearloves circa 2006.

Oh how things have changed…

This year, the boys picked out their own Hallowe’en costumes.  A decided to be a blue ninja, complete with dual curved blades with hooks that would rip your opponent’s guts out.  K decided to be a zombie hockey player wielding a bloody butcher knife.

That photo doesn’t really do K’s mask justice.  Here’s one with a bit more detail.

Yes, that’s a pucked lodged in his skull, with blood and brain matter emerging from the gaping wound.  Given all the talk about hockey concussions and long-term brain damage in the sport, we were uneasy with his choice but ultimately let him wear it to school.  And there goes our chance to win Parents of the Year…

We went on an epic walk through the neighbourhood this time around.  After nearly 90 minutes and with around 15 pounds of candy straining the seams of their loot bags, A & K reluctantly agreed to head home.  We were greeted by a vision in pink carrying a black cat – very chic.

The night ended like it does every year – with a giant pile of candy and the boys sorting it into the essential food groups (chips, chocolate bars, suckers, gummies, and rockets).  After they’re asleep, we’ll steal a few of our favourites from the stash and hope they don’t notice.

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