Preston Music Teacher Was An Inspiration

The following article appeared on the front page of the Cambridge Reporter on Saturday, March 17, 2001.

Preston music teacher was an inpiration

Former Preston High School music teacher Kenneth Avery Dearlove leaves a legacy as someone who inspired students with his own passion in life, other teachers say.

“He taught from the strength of his music talents. He was very easygoing and approachable, and the students liked that,” said Bob McMullen, a retired teacher who worked with Dearlove for most of his career.

Dearlove was a teacher of music at PHS for more than 20 years. He retired as head of the department in 1998.

Friends were shocked when he died of heart problems at Clinton Hospital last Monday, leaving behind a wife and two sons. He was 57.

Born in Toronto before moving to what’s now Cambridge in 1955, Dearlove did much more than teach music at Preston High School.

“He was very hard-working,” said Ray Miske, a former PHS principal who worked with Dearlove for 15 years. “He even coached some athletic teams…He was a very talented musician and a very hard-working teacher in the many extracurricular activities that he was involved with.”

Dearlove was well known for producing many musicals at the school.

“He inspired kids with their musical talents,” said McMullen. “The students recognized his abilities with music, whether it would be jazz or classical. As a music teacher, he was so knowledgeable.”

As well as singing at the St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Cambridge and Knox Church in Bayfield, Dearlove also played the trumpet.

He was involved in the Festival City Big Band, the Cambridge Concert Band, and the Kiwanis Youth Band. He was a past conductor of the Galt Kiltie Band and the Guelph Concert Band. He was also musical director of the Bayfield Winds.

A memorial service will be conducted today at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, 73 Queen St. E in Cambridge at 1 pm. His family will appreciate donations to the Ken Dearlove Memorial Fund at Preston High School, 550 Rose St., Cambridge, N3H 2E6 or the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario, P.O. Box 32083, Cambridge, N3H 2E6.

2 thoughts on “Preston Music Teacher Was An Inspiration

  1. With a few minutes to spare before baby wakes up, decided I should Google Preston High School and up popped the link to this blog entry. Couldn’t help but click on it. Your dad really was an amazing, patient teacher and his passion for music was contagious. It was lovely to see you reposted the article–I had to shake my head, though, at how quickly nearly 11 years has passed.
    Surfed through a few more of your recent posts of your family; what a beautiful crew. I have allowed myself a minute to wax nostalgic and remember back to when you and I went to good ol’ PHS. I would love to ask the teenage versions of ourselves where we thought life would be 20 years later and if our guesses would have been anywhere near correct. I don’t think I could have projected that life could be so amazing “when I was old”. You?
    Nice to catch up with “ye of no first name”–Lisa

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