Guest Post: A 7-Year-Old’s Christmas List

Today’s guest writer is my seven-year-old son A. He’s been working on a Christmas wish list for Santa, and I thought I’d post it just in case the big guy has gone all digital on us.

Dear Santa,

My name is A. These are some things I would like for Chrismas.

1. Go Go my walkin’ pup.

2. a ds with pokemon Harte gold.

3. a dec of pokemon cards.

4. con zhu hampster Ribet and accesories.

5. hex bug nano with batl set.

6. any book of pokemon.

7. glow crasy.

8. Diary of a wimpy Kid #1.

9. Mario pawor tenis.

10. a toy pokemon.

11. Worriors book 5 and six.

12. lego star wars, space polies, Batman and lego city.

13. lego Hary Poter Wii.

14. the lego minatorus game.

15. lego Hary Poter Hogworts game.

16. piplup the pokemon turtwig and pikachoo.

17. spy net spy wache.

18. new pejamas.

19. uber stics, ubur bots.

20. remot control car.

21. air hawcs camra and misl helacopter.

22. remot melenieam falcom.

23. pokemon D.V.D.s

This is what I would like for Crismas šŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “Guest Post: A 7-Year-Old’s Christmas List

  1. Wow – shocking how similar it is to my husband’s list. Hopefully Santa is stocked for two such requests.

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