King Mountain & Mini Golf

For day 3 of summer vacation, I decided to take the boys up to the Gatineaus. The dark clouds and strong winds had me a little worried, but it ended up being a perfect morning.

The beginning of the King Mountain trail. Fortunately, the boys were undaunted by the steep ascent.

The reward at the top is a great view of the valley.

The seldom seen, always appreciated moment of brotherly love.

K with his cute pose.

K with his skeptic pose.

A showing off his new smile – the front tooth came out around 6:30 this morning.

DunnD’s Minigolf in Chelsea is a nice little course, complete with a waterfall feature. Not sure what K is doing here – seems like a hip hop kind of pose.

K showing off his nice putting stroke.  Maybe he’ll grow up to be another Tiger (minus the sex addiction and chronic adultery.)

Under my expert tutelage, the boys were both left with tap-ins for birdies.

Of course, no trip to the Gatineaus would be complete without a stop at the Chelsea Bakery for Jamaican patties and brownies, followed by a stop at the IGA for cheap Quebec beer.

If only the boys would have a nap, it would truly be a perfect summer day.

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