Music Monday – Imogen Heap

I’m a little undecided on Imogen Heap. I really like a couple of her songs, but I often skip through half the tracks when listening to one of her albums. Perhaps it’s one of those relationships that just isn’t meant to be. Or, perhaps I just need to work harder before completely dismissing it.

In any case, her song Hide and Seek is highly addictive. Even if you don’t think you’ve heard it, you probably recognize the sample that was used in Jason Derulo’s hit Watcha Say. Or perhaps you heard it when you watched the season two finale of The O.C. Or perhaps you heard it when you watched the controversial SNL Digital Short “The Shooting”, which spawned an Internet phenomenon called “Dear Sister” in which violent scenes were juxtaposed with her song.

So yes, it’s a popular song. Here are three versions for your enjoyment – the original, the SNL Digital Short, and an a cappella version performed by the University of North Carolina’s Achordants. I’d be shocked (and disappointed) if this track didn’t appear on Glee sometime.

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