30 Questions with Me, Age 9

While digging through boxes of stuff in the basement, I came across this questionnaire.  It had originally been published in the Kitchener Record on January 2, 1982 as a test to see how well parents knew their children.  My mom ended up beating my dad by a score of 20-14.  30 years later, I scored a 9.

1.  Who is your child’s best friend?

A: Dianne and Ken Dearlove and brother and Steven

2.  What colour would he like his room to be?

A:  Blue

3.  Who is your child’s greatest hero?

A:  Harrison Ford

4.  What embarrasses him most?

A:  Reading the Bible in church

5.  What is his biggest fear?

A:  When will I die

6.  In gym, would your child rather play basketball, do exercises or run relays?

A:  Basketball

7.  What is his favourite kind of music?

A:  Rock

8.  What person outside the family has most influenced your child’s life?

A:  Cub Master

9.  What are his favourite and least-favourite subjects in school?

A:  Favourite:  gym.  Least favourite:  geometry

10.  Of what accomplishment is your child proudest?

A:  Winning 4 trophies for bowling

11.  What is your child’s biggest complaint about the family?

A:  My brother

12.  What is his favourite television show?

A:  You Asked For It

13.  What sport does your child most enjoy?

A:  Bowling

14.  If you could buy your child anything in the world, what would be his first choice?

A:  A digital watch

15.  Who is your child’s favourite teacher?

A:  Mrs. Rahn

16.  What really makes your child angry?

A:  When my brother bugs me

17.  Does your child feel liked by the children at school?

A:  Yes

18.  What would your child like to be when he grows up?

A:  Professional baseball player

19.  What has been the biggest disappointment in your child’s life this year?

A:  Not be able to go swimming

20.  Does your child feel too small or too big for his age?

A:  No

21.  What gift from you does your child cherish most?

A:  Microscope

22.  What would your child’s choice be for a vacation:  A camping trip, a visit to a big city, or a boat trip?

A:  A boat trip

23.  Which of these chores does your child dislike most:  Drying dishes, cleaning his room, or taking out the trash?

A:  Cleaning room

24.  What non-school book has your child most recently read?

A:  Superfudge

25.  What is his favourite family occasion?

A:  Summer holidays

26.  What foods does your child like or dislike most?

A:  Favourite:  fish and chips.  Least favourite:  pizza

27.  What nicknames is your child called at school?

A:  Four-eyes

28.  When does your child prefer to do homework:  Right after school, after supper, or in the morning before school?

A:  Before bed

29.  Which would your child prefer to have as a pet:  A cat, dog, bird, or fish?

A:  Fish

30.  What is your child’s most prized possession?

A:  Gerbil

2 thoughts on “30 Questions with Me, Age 9

  1. I got my first pair in grade 3. That moment may have done more to shape my awkward social development than any other event.

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