School Photos, ’70s Version

I was digging through the past recently and came across some of my old school photos.  It’s interesting to look compare the five and six year old me to the boys and see what features I did (and didn’t) pass on. 

Kindergarten, circa 1977. Yes, that is a very big collar.

Grade 1. I think I really look like K in this photo.

Grade 2. This was probably the last time I wore a turtleneck.

Grade 3. 

Grade 4. Wow, those are giant front teeth.  Not sure who cut my bangs – must have been blind barber Billy.  And yes, those are genuine mother-of-pearl buttons.

It was all downhill from here.  By Grade 4, I was wearing glasses pretty much all the time.  The addition of braces and acne in later years would make school photo day a stressful event, and I refused to submit the order forms my mom filled out.  Ah, teenage angst.

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