Thanksgiving 2009 Photos

We headed down to Pefferlaw a couple of weeks ago to spend Thanksgiving with Nana Sue and Grandpa Doug. We got off to a rough start – in the first hour, we covered 4.6 km due to multiple washroom breaks and a wonky laptop. After that, it was smooth sailing, and the boys had a great time.


Doug has an archery shop in the basement, and we spent a fair amount of time practicing down there. A really enjoyed trying to pop the balloons. I had forgotten what a fun sport it is – I wonder where my old bow ended up.


Nana Sue arranged for pony rides for the boys on Sunday afternoon. It took a while to convince K to get on the pony, but eventually he wanted to get on and we enjoyed a nice walk through the trail at Eaglewood.



K, perched atop his mighty steed, has the equestrian rider’s fierce look of determination.

I really wasn’t into driving home along Highway 7, so we took the scenic route through Bancroft instead. If you have a bit of time to kill, I highly recommend it – with the leaves changing, it was an amazing drive. It’s pretty straightforward – just take Highway 48 to 12, back to 48, to 35, to 503, to 118, to 28, to 41, to 17, to 417.

Bonus Question


Are these boys:
a) Feeding birds at Jack Pine Trail?
b) The greatest panhandlers Ottawa has ever seen?

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