Back to School Week 3

Some thoughts as we begin the third week of school…

1. I have developed a new appreciation for Costco. After watching the two boys go through a loaf of bread in 36 hours, I have a better understanding of why people fill their carts with 3-packs of bread and 12 litres of milk. God help us when they get to be teenagers.

2. Packing two lunches every day is challenging, especially when K only eats one fruit – bananas. After four days of bananas in a row, I think we might have turned him off that one as well. A wants me to pack sushi and samosas – I can sense his disappointment when he opens his lunch and finds yet another jam sandwich.

3. K has had a sinus infection for the last couple of weeks, which has turned his nose into a crusty, bloody mess. Something also bit him on the eye, which caused it to darken and swell up. I was tempted to black out one of his front teeth to make him even more menacing on his first full day of school yesterday. You only get one chance to make a first impression as the toughest kid in Junior Kindergarten.

4. The biggest threat to the environment today is paper use by children. Every day they bring home backpacks full of exercise sheets, colouring pages, doodles, memos, and permission forms. At this rate, there won’t be a tree left standing in this country by 2014. 

5. It’s not impetigo. Yes, I’m sure.

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