These People Can Read?

A certain national arts institution confirmed this week that it was facing a significant financial problem for the next two seasons. With a looming budget deficit of nearly $4 million for next year, the institution has no choice but to cut 40 positions, largely through attrition and voluntary departures.

The story has been covered by the Globe and Mail and CBC. For your reading pleasure, here are a few comments left by readers of the on-line stories (reader discretion is advised).

Since few people outside of Ottawa get to benefit from anything that the N_C I say the whole thing could be cut. [Ed:  pretty sure there’s a verb missing after “N_C”.  I think it’s “sautés”]

What exactly does the N_C do that contributes to arts throughout Canada? I don’t recall them sending any events outside of Ottawa.

The arts should be able to support themselves. If they cannot it shows that people dont really want it and are not prepared to pay for it. If you want to hear a choir you should be prepared to pay the cost to have the shoir [sic]. If not the choir should be folded. To [sic] many people have to pay taxes to support the arts , which the majority are not prepared to pay for. If it cannot support its self [sic], it should not exist.

We need more cuts to the arts and more spending on helping people who can’t feed themselves. Only 40 jobs out of 400, come on try harder.

The whole thing is a waste of money in the first place. People are suffering out there and arts is the absolutely last place government money should be spent. The orchestra plays as the Titanic goes down.

They should cut even more as it is money poorly spent. A public poll would show that the majority of the public would like to see even more cuts, as this is really not something that the public really needs or wants.

This is the great thing about the Internet – it allows for the sharing of views between intelligent, articulate, thoughtful people and ignorant assholes.

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