Things I Hate Part IV


Those four little letters are driving me crazy. Every store I walk past seems to have BOGO plastered all over its windows.

I know times are tough and retailers have to be creative. The idea of “Buy one, get one free” is great. For some reason, shortening Buy One Get One to BOGO just seems wrong.  I hate the way it sounds – BOGOBOGO BOGO BOGO BOGO.  See?

What infuriates me is how some retailers are playing fast and loose with the BOGO rules.  It should be buy one, get one – clean and simple.  Some sneaky bastards are using BOGO, but then in small letters it states “get second item for 50% off”.

That’s bullshit.  If you’re going to use the term BOGO in big friggin’ letters, at least have the decency to follow through with the universally-accepted meaning of the acronym.

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