Death and Ferris Wheels

As he approaches his 4th birthday, K is asking tons of questions about, well, everything.  As we drive to school in the morning, they come in a rapid-fire stream of seemingly unconnected queries.

Take yesterday’s conversation, for example:

K:  “Daddy, can we ride ferris wheels at your festival?”

Me:  “Sorry K, my festival doesn’t have ferris wheels.”

K:  “Well, festivals DO have ferris wheels.”

B:  “Daddy’s festival isn’t that kind of festival.  It has concerts instead.”

K:  “Oooh, I love concerts.  They’re cool.  What happens to our bodies when we die?”

B:  Pause.  “Um, well, your body looks like it’s sleeping, and your soul goes to heaven.”

K:  “Does that mean we’re going to die after we go to sleep tonight?”

And that’s when we arrived at the day care.  I was actually kind of curious where the conversation was going to go next.  Inevitably, it would have ended up with K talking about Superheroes vs. Transformers – a movie that he’s convinced exists and seems to play endlessly in his head.

By the way, we’ve copyrighted the idea for that awesome-sounding movie, so hands off.  K is hoping to have a script done by the end of summer, with casting set to start in mid-September.

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