A Cherished Family Heirloom

This is such a momentous day for all of humankind – if only there was some way I could remember it forever.  Fortunately, I was watching CBC Newsworld and my prayers were answered with this timely advertisement.  Now, everyone can own a piece of history by purchasing the Historic Victory Plate.

The website describes this beautiful momento as “a priceless work of art featuring the triumphant President-Elect surrounded by the American flag and spectacular fireworks celebration.”  I was worried about the priceless part because that sounds expensive, but it turns out this cherished family heirloom is only $19.99 (plus $6.99 shipping and handling).

Personally, I can’t wait to get one so I can hang it on the wall in my office. When times get tough, I will gaze at his confident smile and kind eyes and remember that he’s an inspiration to us all.  I may get two, just so the boys don’t fight over it when I depart this mortal coil.

Complete order details are available in the ad below. I encourage you to act now, as this historic piece is limited to just 65 pressing days. Operators are standing by.

One thought on “A Cherished Family Heirloom

  1. I am guessing you haven’t seen the 2009 Barack Obama “A Change has come to America” $5 Coin…….Legal tender in Liberia

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