Ski Bum

The last time I went skiing was in Grade 8. Our class took a field trip to Chicopee and I spent the afternoon tripping over my skis again and again, further solidifying my social status as an uncoordinated nerd.

I have avoided ski hills ever since, and after reading the following story about the poor skier in Vail, it’s unlikely I will ever get up the courage to attempt it again.

VAIL, CO – The phrase “ski bum” took on new meaning for one unfortunate man who hit the slopes New Year’s Day and ended up dangling from a chairlift with his pants down.

The skier, who has not been identified, apparently boarded the chairlift only to find the seat had not been properly lowered.

He then fell through a gap and would have plummeted to the slope below, but his right ski got lodged in the chair, arresting his fall.

Unfortunately, his ski pants also caught on the chair and ripped down below his knees as he tumbled toward the snow.

Tourists had plenty of time to whip out their cameras and snap a keepsake shot – the man was left dangling for about 10 minutes before resort staffers were able to rescue him.


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