Hockey and Lust

The World Junior Hockey Championship is taking place in Ottawa this year, and I was lucky enough to get a couple of free tickets for a preliminary round game between Russia and Finland. I thought it would be a nice father-son thing to do with A, so we set off for the Civic Centre on Sunday afternoon.

I had never been to the Civic Centre, and I was immediately impressed with the staggering range of culinary offerings. I couldn’t decide whether to get a Beavertail, hot dog, caramel corn, cotton candy, beer nuts, fresh mini doughnuts, ice cream rolled in chocolate and peanuts, or a giant pretzel. It reminded me of being a kid at the CNE, except without the free samples of Dubble Bubble.

During the second period, a scout sat down in the row ahead of us. He had a sheet that listed all the players, and every once in a while he’d jot down a note. During a break in play, he pulled out his Blackberry and I thought “Aha, he’s noticed something important about a player and he’s going to text his insight to a colleague.” I leaned forward to get a better look at this insider info.

Instead, he typed “U R HOT!!!” and put his BB back in his pocket. Hmmm, interesting.

At the next break, he pulled out his BB again and wrote “What panties are you wearing?”

Suddenly the drama in section 13, row Q was much more interesting than the on-ice action. I was curious who he was texting. He had a picture of his wife and young son on his BB screen, so maybe he was just trying to stoke the matrimonial flames while he was away from home. Or, perhaps he was a lonely guy on the road and was making plans for an illicit post-game rendezvous. Unfortunately, her identity (and choice of underwear) will remain a mystery as he didn’t send any more messages for the remainder of the game.

Incidentally, Russia ended up winning 5-2, which made A very happy. He decided to cheer for Russia because it’s the biggest country in the world – at some point I’ll have to teach him about the value of rooting for the underdog.

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