I Love My Job

We’re in the final stages of programming the festival, and the pop/rock side is pretty much the last part I need to nail down.  There will be about 6 or 7 shows that will run the musical gamut – hardcore, hip-hop, 70’s influenced rock, dance punk, etc. 

I don’t know a lot of the bands we’re talking about, so I’ve been spending a fair amount of time looking at MySpace pages to listen to tracks and get information on tour schedules.  I particularly like the punk / metal pages.  It reminds me of the music I listened to in high school – fast, loud, and somewhat angry.

One of the bands that we’re looking at posted the following description:

Crawling through the forest of time, we came to destroy your life – so you might rebuild it again with these ideals more in mind: rock, rock and more rock. So forget about your life for a moment and bang your f*cking head. 


Now that is awesome brochure copy.  Something tells me I should remove my tie before attending their show…

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