Halloween Pics

I seem to be completely uninspired about writing things these days.  Maybe it’s the onset of winter, the sensory overload that comes with walking through a mall these days, or the mental fatigue that comes with trying to keep up with two young boys.  In any case, I’m taking the easy way out by posting a few pictures from Halloween.  Timely, I know…


K was a generic superhero.  He’s completely into superheroes these days.  Personally, I think the swimming goggles make the costume.


The boys with my mom.  A is dressed as High King Peter from the Narnia books.  B and I have been reading him a chapter before bed for the past few weeks, and we’re halfway through The Last Battle.  So far he seems oblivious to the Christian theological concepts, but we’ll work on that during the second time through.


A rare picture of the quartet all in one place. I’m wearing my usual Halloween costume – I’m an overweight comic actor from Scarborough who hasn’t made a good movie in eight years.

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