Iraqorama and George W.

A was lying in our bed this morning listening to CBC news on the radio. At one point, he turned to us and said, “I keep hearing that word a lot these days. What does it mean?”

“What word?” I asked. “Economy?”

“No, Iraqorama.” he said.

“Iraqorama? Do you mean Barack Obama?”

“Yeah, that’s it.” he replied.

“Well, A, that’s a man’s name,” I said. “Hopefully we’ll be hearing it regularly for years to come.”

In other political news, a recent CBS News poll shows George Bush’s approval rating has dropped to 22%. This gives him a share of the presidential record for the all-time low approval rating as he moved into a tie with current record holder Harry S. Truman.

I’m not surprised that he’s at an all-time low – I mean, how much worse could things possibly get? What I do find amazing is that almost one in four Americans approves of the job he’s doing. An ill-conceived war, economy in shambles, curtailing of human rights, alienation of the international community, soaring deficit, widespread housing crisis…what’s not to like?

I’m pulling for George to set the all-time presidential record. Really, I think he deserves to leave the White House with something to call his own. Only a few months left, though, George, so you better find something else to break quickly.

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