Coldplay’s New Single

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about my sons’ obsession with ABBA, and more specifically, the song Dancing Queen. To my great relief, they’ve been asking for it less and less in recent days. ABBA has been replaced by Coldplay, which, depending on your point of view, is either more of the same or a significant improvement.

K, in particular, has developed a fondness for one specific song. Unfortunately, the song’s title is giving him some problems, as was obvious in yesterday’s car ride home…

K: “Daddy, I wanna eat a fajita”.

Me: “Pardon? What do you want for dinner?”

K: “No, I wanna eat a fajita”.

Me: “We’re not having fajitas for dinner”.

K: [getting upset] “No, I wanna LISTEN to eat a fajita”.

Me: “I don’t understand…wait, do you mean Viva la Vida?”

K: “Yeah yeah yeah”.

So, we can add Eat a Fajita to the list of misheard song titles – you know, Rock the Cash Bar (Rock the Casbah), Awesome Sugar Hombre (Pour Some Sugar on Me), and It’s a Hard Egg (It’s A Heartache).

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