B.C. Faves

One of the great things about my new position is I get to learn about a really wide range of artistic disciplines.  After focusing largely on classical music for most of a decade, it’s really cool to spend time getting to know more about theatre, dance, visual arts, and pop/punk/folk/roots/world music.

Along the way, I’ve started coming up with a list of personal favourites from the various genres.  For example, here’s a painting by Marianne Nicolson that was recently featured in an exhibition of works by First Nations artists. 

Between Heaven and Earth
Acrylic on wood, with brass, abalone, and silver inlay
64 x 50 inches

I love this painting – it’s such a great mix of traditional and contemporary forms. I wanted to buy it immediately, but someone already beat me to it. I was also about $10,000 short, but I figure it’s O.K. to use credit if you’re buying art.

In the next few days I’ll pass along a few more faves, including a spoken word guy, the undisputed king of the ukelele, and a few others.

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