Kids Say the Darndest Things Part V

While A has come out with a number of unintentionally funny remarks over the past couple of years, his younger brother has come out with a few gems recently.  Here’s a little sample…

Me:  “K, did you go on a walk with your school today?”

K:  “No daddy, the school is too heavy.” (Ed: it took me a couple of seconds to figure this one out)


The other day, I woke up to the usual sounds of K sitting on the toilet for his morning constitutional.  He slid off the seat, and then I heard “Daddy, there’s a mommy one and two babies”.  I had to check it out for myself, and I can confirm that his description was pretty accurate.


K:  “Daddy, what’s that book?”

Me:  “It’s called Child of God.  It’s a taut, chilling novel that plumbs the depths of human degradation.  As the story hurdles towards its unforgettable conclusion, the author depicts the most sordid aspects of life with dignity, humour, and characteristic lyrical brilliance.”

K: (excitedly) “Oh, I like that one”.

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