Signs of the Apocalypse

The cultural day of reckoning is fast approaching, people.  The signs are obvious.

 North American Box Office – Top Grossing Movies

1.  Meet the Spartans
2.  Rambo

North American DVD Rentals

1.  Good Luck Chuck
2.  Mr. Woodcock

New York Times – Hardcover Non-Fiction Bestseller List

1.  Tom Cruise by Andrew Morton

Nielsen Television Ratings

1.  American Idol (Tuesday)
2.  American Idol (Wednesday)
3.  Moment of Truth Top Selling Classical Albums

1.  Andrea Bocelli – Vivere (DVD)
2.  Andrea Bocelli – Vivere (CD)
3.  Paul Potts – One Chance

I think I see the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse approaching on the horizon.  Wait, no, it’s just the women from The View.  My mistake…

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