The Great Escape

The story you are about to read is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Sunday began like any other Sunday. The Father and Mother took their two young children to the museum in the morning and returned home for a healthy and nutritious lunch. With a yawn, the youngest boy, who is two years old, headed upstairs for his regular afternoon nap. The Father, noticing the Mother was also tired, suggested that she put her head down as well.

The Father headed out with the older boy to do some shopping. He returned an hour later and proceeded to put some groceries away. The house was still quiet, and the Father assumed everyone was still sleeping.

The Father returned to the car to bring in the last of the bags when he heard a voice from behind him. He turned to see a couple of strangers approaching the house. The man was holding a familiar looking toboggan, and the woman was carrying the Father’s youngest son in her arms.

The Father wondered who these people were, and why they had his son. The couple explained that they had found the boy a couple of blocks away. He was wandering around on his own, and then calmly led the strangers back to his home after they found him. The Father thanked the strangers profusely and brought the boy inside.

It turns out the child had woken up from his nap and decided to set off in search of his swimming lesson. He went down two flights of stairs, put on his boots and winter coat, and unlocked the front door. He walked out onto the front porch and saw a world of possibilities. He grabbed his purple sled and dragged it down the street, confident in the knowledge that eventually he would find the pool.

The Father and Mother were grateful for his safe return, but they were also left quite shaken by the event. They tried not to think of all the awful things that could have happened to a two-year old who had ventured out on his own. The Father was quietly proud that the young boy had shown the intelligence and confidence to embark on such an adventure and return home, but he also worried that his budding sense of daring would lead to many more anxious moments for the Father and Mother in the years to come.


4 thoughts on “The Great Escape

  1. In an unpublished epilogue to the story, Father and Mother discovered new grey hairs on their head the following morning.

  2. and Nana Sue reminded the mother of a time when two tots under two went for a walk in a construction site stark naked and returned safely to tell the tale.

    and that this too, is a coming of age for the young mother and father and the boy. There are many more misadventures to come and this too you will survive.

    All is right with the world and there are many more good people to help everyone along the path of life.

  3. Holy crap that’s scary. Ronan’s now strong enough to unlock the front door…
    When I was 3 I took off on my tricycle and ended up quite a distance from my house. The police picked me up and brought me home. Somehow I’d managed to cross a couple of really busy intersections…
    I’m pretty sure my mother nearly gave birth to my brother that day.

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