A New Record

It turns out I had more visitors to my blog in November than any month to date, narrowly edging out February 2007 for the top spot. This was mostly as a result of a significant increase in Google searches – more than twice as many referrals as last month.

The usual searches for Dearlove (8 hits) and Murray Perahia (7) were supplemented by a number of searches for information on Thanksgiving (4), Cosmopolitan cover stories (8), and the JC Penney blog (6). In addition to the slightly creepy “Bob the Builder in stockings and high heels” search, there were a few other odd referrals:

– Beethoven’s favorite skool
– im 12 can i have peaple following me a raund talking pichas at me
– Ottawa pole dance fanatics

I thought I was writing about music and family life, but it turns out what people are really interested in is Murray Perahia and Cosmo. Fortunately, Murray’s on the cover of this month’s magazine, and there’s a feature article on his upcoming Bach and Beethoven recordings. He also reveals the shocking thing 68% of women do in bed. I’m off to the store to pick up my copy and I’ll post some thoughts a little later.

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