The Daily Show

When people ask me what my favourite part of taking parental leave was, they usually expect something along the lines of “Oh, just spending quality time with my little boy and marvelling in the growing bond between father and son”. In all honesty, the best part was watching The Daily Show at 9:00 am every morning on Comedy Central.

Unfortunately, my job puts a serious crimp in my morning television routine, and the kids extract every ounce of energy I have, so there’s no way I can actually stay up until 11:00 pm every night to watch Jon Stewart skewer George W. and his band of hawkish advisors.

But now, thanks to American media conglomerate Viacom, I can satisfy my cravings for satirical political analysis anytime I want with the new Daily Show website. It features an archive of about 13,000 clips from the past eight years, which should take you at least an hour or two to browse through.

The video below is from an episode that aired about 5 years ago. If you have children who like to clean, or if you’re a fan of vintage porn, then this clip is for you.

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