Thanksgiving By The Numbers

Here’s a Harper’s Index inspired look at our long weekend…
Total distance traveled: 1,255 kmTotal hours spent in transit: 19Total waking hours spent with family: 24

Highways traveled: 2, 6, 7, 24, 57, 401, 403, 407, 416, 417

Total number of rest stops: 14

Rest stops at a Tim Hortons: 4

Rest stops at Starbucks: 2

Latest bedtime for the boys: 10:15 pm (Sunday)

Earliest morning for the boys: 5:45 am (Saturday)

Humidex reading at Rockton World’s Fair on Monday: 39 C

Temperature in Ottawa at that hour: 14 C

Number of times Aidan threw up after dinner at Lone Star: 4

Total number of pies purchased from road-side bakeries: 3

Rank of pumpkin pie on my list of favourite pies: Last

Total pounds of turkey and fixings consumed this Thanksgiving: 0

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