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Just thought I’d post some thoughts on a few movies I’ve watched over the past week.The Bourne UltimatumI love the Bourne trilogy, and the third might be the strongest of the set. Jason Bourne is my new role model – he’s extremely intelligent, focused, driven, and can kill people in a variety of innovative ways. He is also extremely resilient, surviving several car crashes that would kill a lesser man. Of course, the fact that he’s involved in multiple accidents leads me to question his driving abilities, but every hero has to have a weakness (for me, it’s pastries).SuperbadAfter the first 20 minutes, I thought this might be the funniest movie ever (narrowly edging out Sophie’s Choice). I felt it lagged a bit in the middle, but it picked up for the final act. I’d love to include my favourite quotes, but I’m trying to keep this blog family-friendly (can I write “Blow J” in a family-friendly blog?)It probably comes as no real surprise that I was a total geek in high school, and I could completely identify with Seth and Evan’s attempts to find an in with the cool crowd and get some lovin’ before heading off to college. Superbad ranks as my second-favourite end-of-high-school movie, coming in right behind Dazed and Confused.Incidentally, it features the best opening credits ever, and the soundtrack is totally funky.The LookoutThe Lookout was released earlier this year to great reviews, but it had a short life in theatres. It’s a thrilling heist movie on a small scale, and it’s the kind of well-crafted film that deserves a wider audience. It stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who most people will recognize as the kid on Third Rock From the Sun. It turns out he’s a great actor, and his portrayal of the damaged lead character is really nuanced and compelling.The other reason to check it out is to see Sergio DiZio, one of our good friends from Toronto. He plays Deputy Ted, a good-natured small-town cop. I hope I’m not giving too much away by saying it was really cool to see Sergio engaged in a big shoot-em up.The Lookout was just released on DVD, so check it out – highly recommended.

3 thoughts on “Recent Movie Reviews

  1. Okay.

    A. I’ll rent Sergio, I mean The Lookout, this weekend.

    B. I loved The Bourne Identity and hated The Bourne Supremacy. The cinematography gave me a headache.

    and yet

    C. Matt Damon. Mmmmm.

    Should I watch this?

  2. Matt Damon has a 5 minute shower scene. At the time I thought it went on a little long, but what do I know about making movies.

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