Say Uncle

My brother Kyle and his wife Sue had their first baby earlier today. Ian Avery Dearlove arrived at 3:16 am, weighing in at 7 pounds 10 ounces. It sounds like things went well, and the family is catching up on sleep at home.

We’ve been preparing Aidan and Kieran for the arrival of their cousin for months now, but Aidan had an interesting response to the news:

Me: Aidan, Uncle Kyle and Aunt Sue had a baby boy this morning.

Aidan: (Angry voice) Oh, it was supposed to be a girl!

Me: What’s wrong with a boy?

Aidan: We already have two of those. (Big pout)

He’s right – males continue to dominate our side of the family. My dad was the oldest of three brothers. My dad then had two boys, B and I have two boys, and now Kyle and Sue have a boy. Of course, B is the oldest of four sisters, so overall things are fairly balanced.

Luckily we’re vacationing in Southern Ontario, so we’re just a 30 minute drive away. We’ll give the new dad and mom a few days to recover, then we’ll visit for a first peek at our nephew / cousin. Cute pics to follow…

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