Movin’ On

Well, after nine years with the orchestra, I’ve decided it’s time for a change. So, as of September 4th, I’ll be the General Manager of the Scenes.

For the uninitiated, the Centre produces a festival celebrating the artists of a specific province or region every two years in Ottawa. In April 2009, we’ll be presenting the British Columbia Scene, featuring BC musicians, actors, dancers, chefs, and visual artists. There will be hundreds of artists traveling here from BC to perform in concert halls, churches, clubs, and other cool venues. You can check out the other Scenes by clicking here and here.

For some people, the move has come as a bit of a shock. To be honest, it wasn’t an obvious fit at first. However, when I really thought about it, I realized it’s a great opportunity that will give me greater exposure to a wide variety of artists and genres. I’ll get the chance to develop skills in areas that I don’t have a lot of experience in, and hopefully become more well-rounded.

Nine years is also a lot of time to spend in one position, although what I do now is very different from what I did back in 1998. It has been a wonderful experience, and there are a lot of things I’m going to miss about working with a great orchestra. I’m just moving down the hall, though, so I won’t be completely gone.

In the meantime, mark your calendars. April 21-ish to May 1st-ish 2009. It’s going to be great…

4 thoughts on “Movin’ On

  1. Chris! Now that you’re focusing on B.C., does this mean you’ll be coming to visit me out here in Vancouver? 🙂


    Oh yeah. Congratulations!

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