Housing Update

Newsflash: 89 year old homes are very different from new homes. Back in 1918, they didn’t build master suites, they built tiny bedrooms. They didn’t give every person in the house their own bathroom – you had to make do with one for the whole family. Can you imagine? One bathroom for four people. How could they survive under such harsh conditions?

Seriously, the house was fine. The main floor was very nice, and the top-floor family room had potential. B and I both agreed, though, that it wasn’t the house for us, so the dream of living in Old Ottawa South has been put on hold for a while.

However, the house was perfect for a family of five from Montreal. Apparently they wouldn’t leave the house on Sunday until they were allowed to make an offer, and the sellers accepted it that night.

Total days on the market: 4. Never underestimate the power of location.

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