Housing Frenzy

Now that Spring has fully arrived, the thoughts of the animal kingdom turn to housing. Birds are building nests, bees are building hives, rabbits are looking for more spacious warrens in a hipper neighbourhood.

Judging from the number of For Sale signs that have sprung up all over town, humans are no different. In fact, B and I have recently succumbed to the housing frenzy.

One of B’s colleagues is moving and just put her home up for sale. It’s a 1918 semi-detached three bedroom, which normally would not be enough to quicken our pulse. However, it’s located in Old Ottawa South – the promised land for middle class families like us. It’s a great neighbourhood with lots of trees, excellent schools, and a huge park. It’s close to the canal, trendy shops, good restaurants, and…Starbucks. Sigh.

The thought of moving is both exciting and terrifying. I am not ready to have strangers walk through our home during an open house, tsk tsking at our decorating choices (or lack thereof). I can’t even imagine trying to pack up all the stuff we’ve managed to accumulate in five short years. And yet, it’s something we’ll have to do sooner or later.

In a weird coincidence, the other side of the house belongs to my colleague Genevieve, who has the office right next to mine. So, if it all works out, we would share a wall at work and a wall at home. I hope she doesn’t mind drummers…

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