The 29 Hour Tour

Well, that was fun. Over the last 29 hours, I traveled with the orchestra to Toronto, visited Steve’s Music, went to a nice reception at Glenn Gould Studio, heard the orchestra perform at Roy Thomson Hall, enjoyed a few drinks in the company of colleagues and musicians, stayed up too late, got up too early, walked through St. Lawrence Market, mingled with the thousands of worker bees streaming out of Union Station, and returned home. Now that’s a tour.

Actually, it all went really well. The buses were nice, the drivers were polite, the hotel rooms were ready on arrival, and the orchestra gave a great performance. Other than a missing wardrobe box (which contains, among other things, a trombone, reed-making tools, and my new suit), it was almost perfect.

I have a bit of a ritual on tour. When I wake up after a concert, the first thing I do is go on-line to see if there was a review. I’m just naturally curious what critics in other cities, with different interests and opinions, think. Usually the reviews are positive, which is a nice way to start the day.

The only review of last night’s concert so far is in the Toronto Star. It is probably the worst review I have read in quite some time. Mr. Terauds just hated everything about the concert. Click here to read it (Warning: this review contains graphic and disturbing language that may not be suitable for all readers.)

One thought on “The 29 Hour Tour

  1. The Toronto Star? Get a real newspaper. Oh wait, the reviewer at the The Mop and Pail has it in for Pinchas. You’re screwed.

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