Format Change

I made my daily visit to the other day and was shocked to find out he’s getting millions of visits each and every day to his site. My pitiful blog only attracts 7 measly visitors every day. I can only conclude that my musings on music, family life and yes, professional wrestling, are not what today’s consumers are interested in.

So, starting immediately, this blog is being completely revamped. From now on, there will be no stories about funny things my children said, the latest NACO concert, or which wrestler just tested positive for steroids. It’s going to be all celebrities, all the time.

Britney? We’ve got the inside scoop on what she ate for breakfast yesterday. Anna Nicole? Just wait until you read what my secret source has to say about the paternity of her orphan child (hint: he was a former President of the United States). Lindsay? We have exclusive pictures from her rehab.

Tell your friends, colleagues, family, and the guy you sit beside on the bus – is here.

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