In my never-ending quest to retain some semblance of youth and relevance, I joined Facebook. You know, the incredibly popular social-networking website that allows hip kids like me to keep in touch with our friends, and our friends’ friends, and our friends’ friends’ friends.Why, since I joined just a couple of weeks ago, I’m already up to 14 friends. Actually, 6 of those are relatives, and 1 is my wife. Still, if you measure popularity by the number of friends you have (and who doesn’t), then I am way more popular than Bronwen.Actually, I’ve already found one friend from university that I haven’t seen for about 10 years, so that’s cool. I’m hoping that as more and more of us “old folks” join up I’ll be able to find some old friends from high school.The guy that started Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, is only 22 years old. He dropped out of Harvard to build his website, and he recently turned down an offer of $1 billion from Yahoo. With that kind of money available for Web 2.0 sites, I’ve decided to quit my job and launch an innovative new website that allows ordinary people to post and share videos online. It’s such a simple idea, and I’m surprised nobody’s thought of it before. Stay tuned for details.

One thought on “Facebook

  1. Yeah, I’m up to 15 friends now. And I think I should get extra points for those of them that are your family – they have to like you, but I must win them over. Luckily my personality is the perfect combination of winsome and modest so there’s no human being who doesn’t like me.

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