A Stiff Upper Lip

I did a short interview the other day for Ottawa Citizen Business Television on my work as Orchestra Manager at the National Arts Centre. It was pretty painless – about six questions over three or four minutes.The clip aired tonight, so the boys and I sat down to review my performance. There were lots of things I could critique, but the part thing that stood out to me was that my upper lip wasn’t moving as I spoke. Is this always the case? Have I had a stiff upper lip for years and nobody has bothered to mention it to me? I looked like a ventriloquist’s dummy.Maybe I should have had some makeup. Under those bright lights, you really do need some foundation to even out the skin tone, a little rouge to define the lips, maybe even some eyeliner to make the eyes pop.Luckily the interview aired on Rogers cable television, so only 6 people probably saw me. If I can get a digital copy, maybe I can post it here for your viewing pleasure.And don’t get me started about my weak chin…

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