Banned Words

The English language is constantly evolving. New words get added to the lexicon every year – words like celebutante, crunk, and yogalates.

According to leading scientists, this is leading to a crisis of epic proportions. We are quickly reaching the theoretical maximum number of words that the average human can retain. Once we reach critical mass, our brains will be forced to delete random words from our vocabulary.

To alleviate the problem, I’m proposing we start a list of words to be deleted from the English language. My first suggestion is “slacks”. I really hate that word. Does anyone actually use it in real-life situations? “Hey Steve, those are really awesome slacks.” or “Honey, I’m going to the slacks store to ask the slacks experts about the new line of slacks.”

It’s a stupid word. “Pants” and “khakis” are perfectly serviceable, and personally I would be happy to never see or hear the word “slacks” again.

Any other suggestions?

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