My home is being overrun by power cords (not power chords). As we have accumulated more and more gadgets, our drawers have become full of tangled wires with connectors of various shapes and sizes. We now have a different cord to charge:
• 1G iPod
• 5G iPod
• My cell phone
• Bronwen’s Blackberry (yes, she now has a Blackberry)
• Camcorder
• Digital camera
• Laptop
• Bronwen’s Palm (maybe this can be retired now that the Blackberry is in place)

Plus, there are USB and Firewire cables to connect various gadgets to the computer, not to mention audio and video cables.

I predict one day this won’t be an issue – we’ll have an all-in-one device that will do everything (phone, camera, electric shaver, leaf blower) and it will connect with other devices wirelessly. We will control it telepathically, and it will draw power by converting calories we ingest to energy, thus solving the obesity epidemic. Apple will create it, and Microsoft will then take 3 years to come out with an inferior version that nobody will buy.

On the downside, it will need to be replaced every 3 days.

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