A Moratorium on New Year’s Greetings

Can we, as a society, agree on a date after which one cannot use “Happy New Year” as a greeting? I passed an acquaintance in the hall yesterday and was met with a half-hearted “Happy New Year”.I found it really odd that on January 18 I would still be hearing those words. A few years ago, someone said it to me around January 28th. Did this individual suddenly come out of a four-week coma and hadn’t yet had a chance to look at a calendar? It just strikes me as being completely insincere and lazy.So, let’s agree on a date. How about January 7th? Everyone gets a week to get “Happy New Year” out of their system. After that, it’s off limits.Now, as far as questions like “How was your Christmas?”, I think we can extend the deadline a bit – maybe January 14th. However, if you’re still asking that question on February 1, then I think you may need to brush up on your small talk.Here endeth the rant.

2 thoughts on “A Moratorium on New Year’s Greetings

  1. So first you try to rob us of our turkey dinner and now you’re trying to get rid of “Happy New Year”. What’s next, chocolate Easter eggs?

  2. Good point, Bronwen. What chocolate eggs have to do with the crucifiction of Jesus and his resurrection I’ll never know.

    And where the hell did the Easter Bunny come from? A giant rabbit that hides eggs from children – that’s kinda scary and highly improbable.

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