Swimming, Hockey and Wine

First, a confession. This is my first blog post under the influence of alcohol. I enjoyed three glasses of wine with dinner (some French Bordeaux and two glasses of R.H. Phillips Shiraz) and now I’ve got increased feelings of self-worth and a desire to hug everybody (I love you all. No, really, I love you.)Aidan had his first real swimming lesson on Saturday morning. We thought he might be reluctant to dive in without us, but he took to it like a, well, like a fish to water.After the lesson, we walked next door to one of the community arenas. For me, it was really cool, a glimpse into a ritual that takes place every weekend in rinks from coast to coast. There was a team of 14-year olds playing, with vocal hockey moms and dads in the crowd clutching their large double-doubles. A couple of kids operated the sound system, with Green Day and Rage Against the Machine playing during stoppages in play. Within minutes I had a craving for a watery cup of hot chocolate from the arena’s snack bar.Our Saturday adventure continued with the NAC’s Young People’s Concert, which featured the percussion section. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see much of the show. There were a couple of model train exhibitions in the lobby and Aidan spent the hour watching them go round and round.My buzz is wearing off but I’m not ready for bed yet. I think I gave Bronwen a mini-bottle of Kalhua for Christmas – maybe she won’t notice if I chug it. XXX OOO

One thought on “Swimming, Hockey and Wine

  1. Try mixing your vices together. Get Bronwen a box of liqueur-filled chocolates for Valentines Day. That way you’re maximizing the vice co-efficient.

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