A and the Fat Man

A and I braved the freezing rain and snow last night to head over to the Aviation Museum for a special members-only event. Rumour had it Santa Claus was making an appearance and A had a few things he wanted to tell the jolly fat man (no, not me).It’s interesting to watch A get more excited about Christmas every year. I think part of it starts at the daycare – as soon as Halloween is over, crafts, stories, and music time takes on a Christmas theme. He was certainly excited enough last night, waiting patiently for 20 minutes for his turn to sit on Santa’s knee for 30 seconds (barely enough time to get through the first two items on his ever-expanding wish list)

Alas, K could not make the trip. He is still a mess, and we spent another largely sleepless night comforting him. How can one tiny nose produce such an incredible volume of disgusting stuff?

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