Return to Kingston

It was back on the buses Saturday afternoon as the orchestra traveled to Kingston for a concert. These one day down-and-back trips are called “runouts”, and we typically do a couple of them each season. 

The orchestra performed at Grant Hall, which brings back a lot of memories for me. I remember cramming in there on the first day of school (just 15 short years ago) with hundreds of other rowdy, mostly drunk, frosh. Ed and I did our grad recitals there, and I attended and performed dozens of concerts in the hall over the years. It was slightly surreal roaming the backstage area with the musicians and realizing that nothing much has changed since I’ve been gone.


I was really looking forward to having dinner at Wok In, one of my favourite little places in Kingston. I haven’t eaten there in years – the boys aren’t really ready for red curry chicken. As luck would have it, they were closed until Tuesday, so I settled on another old favourite, Curry Village.


Just for old time’s sake, I drove by 308 Collingwood. The little white house was eerily quiet – not a sign of the notorious 308 boys, a radical nudist cell that was based in Kingston for a short time in the 1990’s. I wonder where they are now…

One thought on “Return to Kingston

  1. And I just thought it was HR coming out…of his shell. Dang, should have hanged out there more often.

    Straight boys. Can’t take you anywhere.

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