Quebec Tour: Day Two

I’ve got a few minutes between Student Matinee concerts to post a few thoughts about the first full day on tour.The orchestra had a matinee concert in Chicoutimi. It would have been nice to have a free afternoon as the sky was clear and blue and it warmed up enough to melt away the snow and slush. It did mean that we had a free evening, which is always a good thing on tour.The Auditorium Dufour was probably built in the 60’s and has that brutalistic pre-fab concrete feel to it. It was a dry hall, but not nearly as bad as some I’ve heard on tour. The audience was very appreciative and everyone seemed happy.The Holiday Inn Saguenay is a nice enough hotel, but it sits in the middle of a huge parking lot with nothing more than a Tim Hortons for entertainment. Luckily one of my colleagues has a rental vehicle and a bunch of us escaped to Chicoutimi for what turned out to be a pretty good meal in a hip little restaurant.I’m getting sick, which I knew would happen. Bronwen, Aidan and Kieran were all sick last week, and I figured it would strike me during the tour. Sure enough, my throat is sore and my voice has dropped about half an octave. I think I’ll have Subway for dinner and get to bed early.

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