What a Week

It’s been a trying week. The Quebec Tour is almost here, so I’m in what Bronwen calls “tour mode”. Cranky, short-tempered, and utterly lacking in good humour. This will last until the tour ends on November 19th, when it will be replaced by euphoria for about 2 hours.

Aidan was sick to start the week. Early on Monday morning he crawled into our bed moaning that he was sick. Over the next three hours, he threw up in our bed twice, which meant the bed had to be stripped, pyjamas changed, shower started, etc.

Later that day I took him to the doctor. For nearly 100 minutes he was completely inconsolable – he just cried and cried and cried. In the car stuck in traffic, in the waiting room, the exam room, the pharmacy, and then in the car again. I’ve never seen him like that.

Bronwen’s been working late every night this week on an Ashbury College phone-a-thon, which means three “boys night in” in a row. I enjoy having time with just the boys, although I sometimes feel more like a referee than a parent. I can also state that there is nothing quite like trying to get two boys under four years old to go to sleep at the same time. The frustration you experience is somewhat balanced by the feeling of accomplishment when they both finally go down.

O.K., enough venting. Just 68 hours until we touch down in the Saguenay. Man I wish I spoke French…

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