Halloween is one of those nights that gets better when you have children. A was talking about getting dressed up for weeks, and he counted down the nights until trick or treating.

A was a cowboy this year, complete with a horse and an authentic Calgary cowboy hat. He was so eager to get outside that he forgot to put his shoes on, and we had to come back for new socks before we even got to the first house.

K wore the cat costume that A wore in his first year. He was unbearably cute, and loved playing with his tail (how cool would it be to have a real tail.) He only went to two houses before heading home to help B hand out candy.

A and I were out for about an hour, and we had a great time. It’s one of those rare nights when you actually meet and talk to people in your neighbourhood who you usually just see driving by. I wish that sense of community was more prevalent at other times in the year.

In the end, A couldn’t carry his bag home because it was too heavy. He got to enjoy a little bit of his haul, the rest of which is hiding on top of the fridge. It’s a real test of willpower to walk by without sneaking a little KitKat…

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